Kim Ronzoni  is an experienced foodie  with a unique   palette  and a professional background. She specializes in recipe development, culinary instruction, food consultation, food demonstrations,  catering,  food styling for photography.


Kim Ronzoni is an experienced foodie with a unique palette and a professional background. She specializes in recipe development, culinary instruction, food consultation, food demonstrations, catering, food styling for photography.

a bit about Kim.

Kim’s love of cooking began around age eight, when for Christmas she received the Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven she wanted. The avocado green oven retailed for around $20 and cooked up the cutest vanilla and chocolate cakes using nothing more than lightbulbs. This was just the beginning because Kim quickly became well-known for her fancy, well-catered tea parties for her family and friends. 

Kim grew up alongside her Nonna Marina, a self-taught chef who had a natural gift for crafting fabulous meals from fresh, local ingredients. Her grandmother ran an Osteria named "Il Cacciatore" in the town of Carpineto. Il Cacciatore which translated means "The Hunter", it was a simple and inexpensive eating establishment with a rustic atmosphere and varied menu, including homemade wine and grappa from the cellar. People would travel for hours from Rome just to eat here. Nonna Marina had an uncanny knack to create and cook meals from start to finish with whatever catch of the day a hunter happened to walk in with. 

Kim's talents are similar to those of her Nonna's. She can whip up a full meal from almost anything, creating dishes that are both visually appealing and a delight to the tastebuds. Kim became serious about her food career in 1984, ahead of the big Celebrity Chef craze. Kim’s favourite cuisine is Mediterranean, for it's versatility and the many combinations of bold fresh flavours and colours, not to mention it's well-known health benefits. Kim's recipes are usually health conscious, she carefully watches the labels on her ingredients and what she puts in her dishes.

Kim had the opportunity to work on the Heart and Stroke Canada, Healthy Living Food Calendar, in which she reproduced and food-styled their heart smart dishes for photography.

Today, Kim works as a food stylist and recipe developer. Most recently, Kim has been showcasing and doing live food demonstrations, creating and presenting her own recipes.

Kim is happiest when she is in her kitchen creating something wonderful and tasty that will be shared with others. She is an inspiration and can motivate almost anyone to jump into their own kitchens to cook something for themselves. It is obvious that she loves what she does and the effort she puts in to everything she touches. A true foodie.