My Story

Iā€™m Kim, and I'm an unashamed food lover. Cooking has always been my preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation.

My biggest inspiration is my mother, who was about 30 years ahead of the recent "foodie" craze. I learned from an early age that eating well was part of a fully lived life, and that making food for others was a true gift of love.

In my twenties  I went to culinary school, which led to several years of cooking in restaurants, catering and some personal chef work.

After nearly fifteen years in the professional cooking industry, I traded in my chef's whites and become a mom.


What I Do

I've always been an advocate for healthy eating in my home, and now I want to combine my knowledge of food with my love for teaching others, and create exceptional culinary experiences for my clients. The full range of services include the following:

Private Catering

Food Writing

Menu & Recipe Development

Public Appearances

Corporate Cooking Classes