Alfonso's Picks

Entertaining doesn't need to be complicated! Buy yourself a beautiful olive or wood board and unleash your creativity. This is a sampling of the international marketplace products you'll find when you shop at Farmer's Pick. We carefully hand pick our products with our customer in mind.



  • Kiwi (Italy)
  • Persimmons (California)
  • Clementine's (Spain)
  • Abbatti Pears (Italy)
  • Sweet Scarlet Red Grapes (California)
  • Dry Figs (Turkey)
  • Prickly Pear Cactus (California)
  • Petite Italienne Tomatoes (Quebec)
  • Attina “Bella Di Cerignola” Green Olives
    and Dried Black Olives (Italy)


  • Natural, unbleached, Walnuts (California)
  • Hazelnuts (California)
  • Chestnuts (Italy)
  • Oliviero Almond Nougat (Italy)


  • Ferma Lupini Beans (Portugal)


  • Mild Arla Dofino Fontina (Denmark)
  • Medium Swiss Emmental (Switzerland)
  • Sharp Auricchio Provolone (Italy)
  • Tre Monti Calabrese Crotonese Hot Pepper (Italy)
  • Rossi Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy)


  • Leoncini Prosciutto
  • Mortadella
  • Porchetta